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Dr. Mina was born and grew up in Alexandria, Egypt and he graduated from the faculty of veterinary medicine in Egypt then he moved to Canada in 2017 and he was enrolled in the Canadian veterinary medical association in 2018 and he passed the North America Licensing Exam in 2019. He started to work as a volunteer in veterinary hospitals in Kingston area during 2020 and he got his license to practice in Ontario from the college of veterinarians of Ontario in 2021.

Dr. Mina had grown up in a family who love dogs and cats and since he was a child, he loves pets and he was dreaming to be a veterinarian to help the pets to be healthy and happy, he is very interested in all medicine aspects especially soft tissue surgery, infectious diseases, skin diseases, and musculoskeletal diseases. He likes reading, running, traveling, and spending time with family and friends during his free time.