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We provide safe, comprehensive care and treatment to your pet's needs and merits. Our skilled veterinarians, veterinary technicians, and support staff have a passion and a focus on exact areas of veterinary care.

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Pet Dentistry Service

Pet Dentistry Service

At East Side Veterinary Services, we provide total oral care solutions for your furry friend. For optimum oral health, your pet needs regular dental checkups and routine oral care, as tartar and plaque can easily build upon its teeth, creating favorable conditions for bacteria to develop which can lead to some dental disease. . There are many ways to improve your pet’s dental hygiene, including home brushing, dental flushing, and chewing products. Take a look at the following symptoms in your pet to know if it is time to visit our clinic for a dental care exam: yellow teeth, bad breath or is having difficulty chewing or eating, bleeding gums, and broken teeth, You can rely on the expert veterinarian at East Side Veterinary Hospital to assess the total oral and dental services for your pet.

Any required cleaning of teeth and gums will be carried out using modern instruments, minimizing the time needed for treatment and any uncomforting for your pet. If required, in extreme conditions, our veterinarian is trained to remove unhealthy teeth, using advanced oral surgery techniques to bring comfort for your pet. Remember, only correct diagnosis, treatment, and anticipation can lead to proper oral care for your pet. Please call us at 613-531-5830 to discuss more and schedule your pet’s dental cleaning.