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We provide safe, comprehensive care and treatment to your pet's needs and merits. Our skilled veterinarians, veterinary technicians, and support staff have a passion and a focus on exact areas of veterinary care.

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Pet Laboratory Service

Pet Laboratory Service

Veterinarians may recommend different diagnostic or laboratory testing which can be essential in helping to both diagnose a medical condition and helping to inform the correct treatment course. At East Side Veterinary Services, we have a fully prepared laboratory in-house allowing us to do urine, stool, and blood testing swiftly and easily. More timely and exact results lead to appropriate treatment for your dog and cat. Although some medical conditions will develop physical signs that can be immediately diagnosed through physical exam alone, others require testing to determine the presence of parasites and other sample-related pathogens.

The combination of professional and thorough physical examination and immediate laboratory results will lead to a more effective treatment of your pets’ condition. In some conditions, special laboratory testing may be required for further analysis of complicated comorbidities, and in those rare cases, our Clinic has a working partnership with third-party laboratories to ensure timely results.