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Much like their human owners, pets will also need medicines and associated products from time to time, depending upon their health, age and environment. Even in growing urban centers, there are times when pet owners cannot locate much needed medications or related products for their pets easily. Eastside Veterinary provides full pharmacy services to its clients, in order to ensure immediate access to all prescribed medications, shampoos, vitamins, and other healthcare supplements for their pets easily, and at reasonable prices. Our pet pharmacy provides only the best products, made by top performing companies that are renowned for their reliable and effective pet medicines and accessories. We try to have each and every product that you will ever need to maintain the health of your pet. Whether it is vitamins and health supplements, daily nutritional requirements, dental care products, or prescribed medication, pet owners will find everything available in our in-house pet pharmacy. Parasite control products are also available within the pharmacy, including different sprays and lotions as are prescribed. The pet pharmacy is equipped to manage requests for nearly all over the counter medications, soaps, shampoos and other accessories required by pet owners on a daily basis.