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Proper nutrition, leading to optimum health and performance is a vital goal for every pet owner. Understanding which kinds of pet food, fed when, and in what quantity, will help you toward attaining that goal. Good nutrition for your pet not only helps to achieve and maintain a healthy weight, as well as strong bones and muscles, it too can help with the prevention of disease. What can be challenging are the changing nutritional needs of your pet as it passes through life’s natural stages. In addition to natural changes that can happen over time, medical conditions can meaningfully change which foods, and in what quantity your pet should be given. The veterinarian and other clinical professionals at our Eastside veterinary hospital are available for both simple consultations, as well as complex consultations where mutually dependent medical and nutritional needs for your cat and dog will be assessed. In some cases, the veterinary team will need to work with you to complete a dietary history for your pet, working together to better understand endorsements for nutrition, using quality products both available in-store, or possibly prepared at home. Overall advances in the health of your pet will be assessed to further develop and maintain a suitable nutritional regime for your pet into the future for optimum health and wellbeing.